relentless pursuit of perfection

Our commercial cultivation of durian farm dated back to 1988. Our durians are planted on a 100 acres land near to Bandar Baharu town (Kedah state) where all the trees are segregated on a 300 metres hill terrain.

About 30 years ago, we begin the cultivation based on a truly diversified durian portfolio where multiple clones such as Red Prawn, Hor Loh, Tek Kah, Ang Bak Bia, D24, Musang King, Heng Special & etc took dominance. This approach had eventually cost us wasting many years of time and capital due to the clones' inconsistencies in yield and quality, everything was a nightmare back then.

Luckily enough, we came across Black Thorn years ago and the rest is history. Not resting on the recent success in plantation field, we move on to establish our very own online purchase and delivery service, with the sole purpose of enabling the public to enjoy fresh durian from a direct source.